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18th Oct 2021

Squid Game has made its way to the Facebook parenting groups

Fiona Frawley

A scarier terrain to navigate than the glass bridge, if you ask me.

It’s the highest rating show in Netflix history, and it’s also aglow with bright colours and relatively easy to recreate costumes and games. So naturally, kids want in on the Squid Game action. Obviously, children re-enacting any of the Squid Game challenges is a worry seeing as most of them end in, you know, violent death. There was a long read in the Examiner this week outlining the dangers of kids recreating Squid Game, and Ryan Tubridy could be heard earlier in the month on his RTÉ Radio 1 show warning listeners who don’t like violence to avoid the show.

However, the most iconic parental Squid Game review award has to go to this one from a Facebook forum.

This concerned grandmother was horrified when she heard her young grandson was checking out episode 4 of Squid Game after hearing about it in the school yard. Not because of the violence or murder or anything like that, but because it’s never a good idea to jump straight into episode 4 of a series. Obviously, you need to watch 1-3 first. She’s dead right in fairness, you’d be absolutely lost if you started watching halfway through. Fair play to this granny, keeping the kids on the straight and narrow.

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