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08th Oct 2021

WATCH: Here’s how to make your own Squid Game honeycomb cookies

Fiona Frawley

In the mood to recreate one of the most tense, fear inducing scenes in TV history? We’ve got you.

At this stage, most of us have heedlessly torn our way through all 8 episodes of Squid Game and are now looking to social media for hot takes, behind the scenes footage and the story of creator Hwang Dong-hyuk having to sell his laptop while writing the hit show. We just can’t get enough of it all – we want to take a bath in Squid Game facts and insider knowledge (a bath which no doubt would have some sort of violent, murderous twist).

The natural next step after all this is obviously to learn how to make the honeycomb cookies. And as expected, there’s a TikTok tutorial to show us exactly how to do it.

All you need is sugar, baking powder and an extremely steady hand. Maybe a fun one to make if you’re planning a Halloween party? This has to be the most terrifying snack going at the moment, to be fair. You can even whip out the sewing kit and see how well you’d do at carving the shape out with a needle. Minus the punishment of death if you’re unsuccessful, obviously.

Header image via Netflix 

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