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28th Jan 2020

New Facebook feature lets you take control of your data

Darragh Murphy

New Facebook feature

A new Facebook feature has been introduced that will allow you to view and clear the data that other organisations share with the social media platform regarding your interactions.

We’ve all experienced the scenario where we browse the internet for a certain product, only to be met with an ad for that very product on Facebook shortly afterwards.

Well Facebook is now giving users the opportunity to monitor this data in a bid to provide stricter privacy settings.

Many websites and applications hand data over to Facebook after identifying your potential interest in a product or service but you can now keep track of this information via Facebook’s tool called ‘Off-Facebook Activity.’

The function was initially trialled in Ireland and it is now in the process of being rolled out globally. You can access it via the Settings tab on the app and then navigate to ‘Your Facebook Information’, where you will see the new tool.

You will then see a full list of the apps and websites that have shared your activity and be met with the option to manage or clear this.

“One of our main goals for the next decade is to build much stronger privacy protections for everyone on Facebook,” said founder Mark Zuckerberg.

“We know we have a lot of work to do here, which is why this is such a priority for our teams and for me personally.”

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