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10th Sep 2021

These videos of Louise O’Neills book announcement directed by Richard Chambers are too much

Fiona Frawley

If you’re in need of a giggle today, these are essential watching.

If you’re up to date with your Irish book news, you probably saw that Asking For It author Louise O’Neill announced her latest novel Idol, set to be released next May. And if you’re a professional Insta sleuth-er like myself, you might know that Louise is dating Covid reporting extraordinaire and unofficial agony aunt for Ireland Richard Chambers. They’ve adopted a dog, they take Christmas pics in matching jumpers, they leave supportive comments on each others Insta posts – it’s a real modern love story.

Naturally, if you’re going out with Richard Chambers, you’d assume he’d be a great help when it comes to filming a video announcement for your new book. He’s a pro after all. That may be true, but is there a person among us who hasn’t simultaneously passed out from cringe and been unable to stop laughing when the time comes to film something important? Well guys, we’re not alone, Louise does it too. And she’s even shared the bloopers to Insta complete with directions from RC off camera to provide us all with a bit of pure, unadulterated joy for a Friday afternoon.

While we can’t relate to being an award-winning novelist, we can definitely relate to trying and failing approx. 20 times to film something without laughing. Idol is out in May 2022, but these videos are available to cry with laughter over right now. A gift, truly.

Header image via Instagram/oneilllou

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