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03rd Feb 2022

Twitter are losing their lids over this Estate Agent/Wine bar/Lounge Combo

Fiona Frawley

red brick building with a navy shop front that reads SIGNATURE - Estate Agents, Lounge, Wine Bar

After years of being told that going out for food and drinks would prevent us from ever getting a mortgage, it turns out you can now do all of those things in the one establishment.

This pic of Signature, an estate agent-come-lounge-come-wine bar in the UK is currently going viral on Twitter, with many users realising the reason their mortgage applications have gone by the wayside is because their brokers are flat out on the pinot g at a bar in Morpeth. Or Durham. Or Wallsend. They’ve locations all over the place, girls.

The tweet from Edie @multiplebears who came across the estate agent slash wine bar over a year ago reads:

I’m at the estate agents, I’m at the lounge, I’m at the wine bar, I’m at the combination estate agents lounge wine bar. 

Naturally, the quote tweets section is lit, most notably with this plea to not let the people of Ranelagh know such an establishment exists.

Honestly, it’d give Shannon’s Hair, Beauty, Brows, Nails and Dog Grooming on the Lower Kimmage Road a run for its money.

If you’re looking to go out for a night with the girlies and randomly come home having signed for a mortgage (typical Friday night am I right), you can find out more about Signature HERE.

Header image via Twitter/multiplebears

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