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20th May 2018

Comedian David O’Doherty Has Shared A Heartfelt Message About The Referendum In This Short Video


Last night, David O’Doherty posted what he promised would be his first and only ever vlog.

The Dublin comedian is best known for his whimsical musical comedy, but here O’Doherty told his followers that he intended to completely earnest for once, before going on to discuss his views on this Friday’s referendum to repeal the eighth amendment.

O’Doherty asked that even if you don’t personally agree with abortion, that you at least consider that those in circumstances completely different to yours might have an entirely different perspective.  

This vlog comes shortly after Father Ted creator Graham Linehan, a fellow giant of Irish comedy, tweeted an argument on when ‘undecideds’ should logically vote Yes in the referendum.

But do you agree with O’Doherty’s sentiments? Let us know in the comments.  

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