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17th Sep 2021

WATCH: The new You trailer is here, and it’s definitely been worth the wait

Fiona Frawley

Anything that features slowed down, creepy version of Britney’s Hit Me Baby One More TimeĀ is bound to be good.

Especially when it involves these two psychopaths.

The past eighteen months have been challenging for a vast and complex array of reasons, but the delayed release of the new season of You has definitely been something we took particularly hard. We were all left absolutely desperate to know what would happen to our friendly neighbourhood stalker Joe once he moved out to the burbs and became a father. Especially now that he’s bound to someone even crazier than himself.

Thankfully, all our burning questions will be answered on October 15th, and to tide us over we’ve been treated to this humdinger of a trailer.

It’s juicy. It’s creepy. It’s violent. It’s everything we could have hoped for. In the trailer we see Joe adapting to small town life and Love becoming increasingly aware of the fact he’s just not that into her anymore. Is it the pressure of raising a baby, or perhaps the heartless murder of his friendly neighbour that turned him off? Who can say for sure.

We also see Joe, Love and their offspring engaging in cute family activities like burying bodies and emotionally blackmailing each other. Fun for all the family.

The countdown is on, people. In less than a month we’ll be able to binge the entire series in one sitting. What a time to be alive.

Header image via Instagram/younetflix

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