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27th Sep 2021

Nervous about trying oysters? We’ve found the dish for you

Fiona Frawley

With oyster season well and truly upon us, you might be feeling like you’d like to give the wee molluscs a try.

But if you’re in any way uncertain about trying oysters in their raw form, it’s understandable. They can look intimidating, all slurpy and slippery in their shells. Luckily, us fussy foodies no longer need to live in fear. Sligo Oysters have come up with a new dish that even the most nervy eaters will be able to get on board with.

Introducing the Oyster Po Boy Sandwich. Oysters are deep fried in batter and placed into a ciabatta with salad and spicy Po Boy sauce to create this stunning seafood sambo. Sligo Oysters launched the creation at Wild Roots Festival over the weekend and it went down a treat. Knowing that some people can be iffy when it comes to oysters, Aisling from Sligo Oysters encouraged guests at the festival to just trust her, and give it a try without saying what was in it. Quelle suprise, everyone loved it! And if you’re already an oyster connoisseur, you’ll be happy to know the oysters in these sambos have been grown over 3 to 4 years and are sourced from the Wild Atlantic Oyster Company in Sligo Bay. Simply put, there’s no scrimping on quality. The dish is available now from the Sligo Oyster Experience. Maybe you’re an oyster lover. Maybe you’ve never even tried one before. Either way, this sambo is definitely worth adding to your foodie list!

Would you give it a go?

Header image via Instagram/sligooysters 

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