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01st Oct 2021

This outdoor cinema event happening in Sligo looks like a dream

Fiona Frawley

Over the past year or so we’ve gotten used to outdoor events, but this something else.

There’ll be an outdoor cinema happening in a 200 year old hand-chiseled quarry “that our ancestors prepared so we could gather together” in Sligo next week. Told you it was something else.

The unique event hosted by the Havin A Laugh Charity is happening on Annaghmore Estate. A number of charity events have been held at the atmospheric spot since 2014, but it’s been unused for the last few years. Next week the quarry is set to be filled again with human interaction and re-connection, during this gorge outdoor cinema and barbecue event.

Speaking about the event, the Havin A Laugh Team said: “What we have learned during these challenging times is that gatherings do not need to be complicated, we have the space and we have each other”. With this said, there’ll be individual bbq areas throughout the quarry with the coals burning, all you need to do is bring your own food and drink. There’ll be two separate film showings, one at 7pm and one at 9pm.

The event will be raising funds for Havin A Laugh charity, and you can pick up your tickets HERE. Sounds like it’ll be a night to remember!

Header image via Shutterstock

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