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14th Sep 2021

Yoga on the beach will continue in Sligo throughout September

Fiona Frawley

If you’re a Sligo based yogi looking to keep doing your salutations to the actual sun, we’ve got good news.

Your Wellbeing Warrior, the Sligo based yoga, massage and outdoor adventure group will be continuing their outdoor yoga classes throughout September “and beyond”, according to their recent Insta post.

Classes with Your Wellbeing Warrior will continue throughout September on Friday evenings with Sunset Sessions at 7pm, and on Saturday mornings with Rise and Shine at 8am. The perfect way to shake off the stresses of a busy week at work, or set good intentions for your weekend.

During August, the classes went ahead rain or shine. Those attending were given the option to pack raincoats and waterproof trousers, or to just strip down to the basics of shorts and a sports top. As the wellbeing warriors reminded us – “skin is waterproof, clothes are not”. Can’t argue with that logic, and if you’re looking to practice yoga outdoors in Ireland you’re probably better off not letting the rain get to you!

We’re not sure if the September sessions will go ahead if it rains as the weather turns colder. Either way, it’s a great way to keep enjoying the gorge surrounds of Ireland’s west coast long after staycation season ends. Pack yourself a hoodie and a flask of tea for afterwards and get out there!

Header image via Instagram/your_wellbeing_warrior 

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